Changes of my wiki or how git saved my wiki


maybe you've noticed it already I've done some changes on my wiki.
I've deleted the section 'Software' and moved all site of it to 'Linux' because they all were about Linux programs.
Now I've added the section 'Bugtracker'. There you can find bug tracker for some of my scripts. So if you have some feature requests or bugs then post them in the tracker.

These trackers are based on the dokuwiki plugin dokumicrobugtracker.

Unfortunately I've delete also some sites of my wiki while I was restructuring.
Fortunately I've set up a git repository for my wiki and every day all modifications are commited and pushed into it.
That is why I could restore all data using just a little command 'git reset <commit> --hard'.

So I really can recommend everyone to create a repository for webcontent.
It really can save much work and doesn't cost much diskspace.
I now have 25 MB of data in my git for dokuwiki with commits since 6th september 2010 and most of the space is consumed by images for templates which doesn't change often.

Have fun using git for backup,


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